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It has been so long and I got lucky that I am able to get back into this account...

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I haven't logged back in to this place for years sooo let me see if this works??
Edit: yay i got back into this blog...i am glad that from the previous post there are some new ppl^_^.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

finally posted? ^.^

hi!! I am surprised there is a few Amy Chen's in NY and I haven't met them>.<;;;; I am 19 years old and I am going to Stony Brook University. I can't wait to gradate..heh..i like the color blue, lavender,purple. I listen to various kind of music. I visted China last summer, fantastic=D

Thursday, November 03, 2005

This Amy Chen doesn't out-google you all

Have you ever googled someone near you and actually find them within the first 5 pages? Haha, I hope I'm not the only one. Anyway, so I was googling people I know, and I decided to google myself. =) I still can't believe I found a blog for Amy Chen's because I swear I've once had the urge to unite a whole bunch of Amy Chens together in a blog too. Maybe secretly all Amy Chens are some what alike. I guess that just shows how much your name influences you, or... is it the other way around where you determine what your name will be. Haha. There are so many Amy Chens that I found: Amy Chens with Ph.D's, Amy Chens practicing acupuncture, Amy Chens who are Neurosurgeons, and even an Amy Chen that is some genius clarinet player. I wonder if one day I'd be able to Out-google a neurosurgeon. I know this blog did!

So anyway, this Amy Chen is still in Taiwan. I was born in the OC, lived a while there, and in Vegas, then moved to Taiwan for the next 9 years, moved to New Jersey for a year, moved back to Taiwan and here I am. Hm. I think all this moving around from OC culture (Asianised American Culture) to Taiwan culture to Jersey (very American) culture-- I'm a mix. Probably not a very good mix because I've never figured out my religion, my true hometown, or where my loyalties lie: in Asian or American culture.

90-95: West Coast
95-2003: Taiwan
2003-2004: New Jersey
2004-2005: Taiwan

I'm curious to meet even more Amy Chens. And to think of the horror, I used to hate my name, its not so bad now.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Did you know...

Just in case you wanted to see some stats for yourself, have a read!

Farm Subsidies: Key Facts

Under the current federal farm-subsidy system, cotton and rice farmers can get up to hundreds of dollars per acre in production subsidies. These farmers would be unlikely to get as much money if the U.S. switched to a system that subsidized them for improving the environment instead.

-- The federal government expects to pay farmers just over $24 billion in 2005, a new record.

-- The subsidies are distributed through a variety of programs. Some payments kick in when crops fail, or when prices for key commodities, such as corn, fall below a target level. Others are based solely on how much a farm produced in the past.

-- Five crops -- corn, wheat, cotton, soybeans and rice -- account for two-thirds of all subsidies. Vegetable growers and ranchers get very little government money. The bulk of those five subsidized crops are exported as opposed to most of the produce.

-- Large commercial farms, which account for 9 percent of all farms, get more than half of all subsidies.

more at:

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Anyone check out The Congo recently? Perhaps for your next vacation...

This article was gruesome, the inhumanity of desperate people, brutally killing each other over resources (although that kind of hits close to home, doesn't it?) How does a person decapitate and mutilate a child? How do men find it within themselves to violently rape and brutalize young girls and old women? Or anyone for that matter? This is obviously not an isolated scenario, this goes on in other places, even Asian history is rife with brutality, and has been going on for decades, probably longer. And all Africa asks America to do to help is to cut back just a little teeny tiny bit on the subsidation of our cotton farmers, which costs us civilian folks billions annually in tax money, so that Africa can get just a teeny tiny piece of the global cotton pie, which would easily exceed the amount donated by our government for aid. No, this wouldnt' solve the problem overnight, as there is a lot of work to be done in that part of the world, but at least it would be a step in the right direction? Of course, our fearless leader, who incidentally still thinks greenhouse gases and global warming are a myth, says that he'll be willing to consider decreasing the cotton subsidies if Europe acts on it first. So I guess that means the alledgedly richest and most powerful country in the world will have to wait for Europe to take the lead here even though we are the most superior nation, or so I've heard. Although it makes me wonder how this could be the richest nation when we're so indebted to China. And last time I checked China was still communist and blocking the words Independence, Democracy, Freedom, Taiwan, and Tibet from appearing on their controlled internet. Yeah, it's true. Ask Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and the rest of them. They agreed to it. But I digress. And I'm about to digress again because well, it's the Amy Chen blog, and I'm one of your hosts. Has anyone ever checked out Moissanite diamonds? I have! To gemologists, they are virtually indistinguishable from mined diamonds, except they have a higher refractive index (i.e. more sparkly! bling bling!) and other very-difficult-to-ascertain-without-serious-gemological-equipment properties.) They're everything a "girl's best friend" should be, but they are made in a lab, and not in a place where kids get their heads lopped off by machetes because they, cough, live there. So Moissanite diamonds, all the flavor without the guilt. And might I add, more affordable (probably because there's no Moissanite cartel?) Okay, you righties, go on and bash me for being a "hippie," a complete mischaracterization of this Amy Chen. You wanna talk to some hippies, I know some hippies who make me want to tear my hair out when we try talking about politics. Oh, time for dinner! I just walked my 89 year old grandma around the neighborhood with Baby before I sat down to write this. Her house was bombed in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation and she was all burned and her two kids and whole family died. But then she and my grandpa who made it out alive started over and had five more kids. That's a lot of pregnancies. I would have had serious problems having babies after losing two already, but I guess the show must go on. Just remember that, people, no matter what kind of crap life deals you, if it doesn't kill you, you have no choice but to move on, and you owe it to yourself to do it. I know I made a lot of typos here, but no time to edit! Ja bung-ah!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pret a Porter

Well, in addition to reasons mentioned in previous postings, the city life is much too much drama for me. And people here on the westside can be very rude. Sure I'm impatient, too, but I just bang my head against the wheel and scream silently to myself. I don't open the window and yell expletives for all to hear while steadily blaring the horn. And it kind of bothers me how people in LA are so unfriendly. Like not saying hi to people who live in your own building. Or avoiding all eye contact and refusing to acknowledge people you pass on the sidewalk, I'm talking residential sidewalks, not the busy ones. That always seemed strange to me. I decided to move, oh, last week. I'm just not LA, people who meet me usually ask me if I'm from somewhere else. Technically I am, but I have pretty much lived here since 8th grade, so I've been in LA for the formative years. Although San Marino is another kind of dysfunction in it's own right, which I won't get into.

I'm not sure how I will adjust to Oregon's weather, though, because I am accustomed to wearing aerating dresses, skirts and strappy tops year round (I don't wear pants or sleeves, too claustrophobic, and girls, I can sweat like a big nasty man!) and sandals. When I lived in DC, I always wore sandals, although I added socks when it snowed. Of course, like every Amy Chen (confirm or reject this assumption) I love shopping and have accumulated quite a collection in my travels. But in the morning I pick up the same clothes I threw on the bathroom sink the night before, take a good whiff, and put them on again. Unless they're smelly, then I pick up some fresh ones. Amy Chen NYC is every bit Miss NYC Fashionista. How about Amy Chen SF?

Amy Chen LA uniform: loose fitting dresses, skirts, open armpit tops, mephisto sandals.

Current NYC weather: 78 degrees, mostly cloudy, 81% humidity

This Amy Chen is definitely a city gal. So Cal was way too slow for me and everyone who knew me in LA always thought I was in the wrong city. I walked too fast, spoke too frankly, and was a little too aggressive for laid back LA folks. So here I am, finally living where I belong. Although, one day I will eventually move back West when I'm done having fun here. But who knows when that'll be!

So Amy Chen - LA... You're going to Oregon!? And when was this decided? And what are you planning on doing there? It is interesting that we all have So Cal roots and I'm sure there are more. When I was in LA, I always ran into people who told me they had a friend named Amy Chen.

Amy Chen - SF, I'm glad you joined us! Let's grow this Amy Chen network. I am curious to see how different or similar we all are. I as well like to sing and dance, but not so good at it.. :)

So here's where I've been the last 28 years...

Taiwan: 77-84
The OC: 84-95
San Diego: 95-99
The OC: 99-00
LA: 00-02
NYC: 02- present

When and Where in the world are the Amy Chens

Hey Amy Chen SF, that gives me an idea. Maybe all the Amy Chens were living in the same city at the same time and didn't even know it. Let's find out.

1976-1978 Baltimore, MD
1978-1989 Coldwater, MI
1990-1994 San Marino, CA
1994-1998 Claremont, CA
1998-1999 Washington, DC
1999-2003 San Marino, CA
2003-2004 Santa Monica, CA
2004-present Westwood, CA

I also want to know why Amy Chen SF has been in MA the past two years. And I would also like Amy Chen NYC to tell us why she went to NYC and if she plans to return to the west coast.
This Amy Chen is a lifelong west coaster, who has found herself stranded in the wild Masshole-infested woolies of Massachusetts for the past two years. Only one more year left though, and she'll be catching a fast plane back to San Francisco, which is truly the home sweet home of her heart (even though she was born in L.A. County and grew up in the OC). She is therefore calling herself "Amy Chen SF" in anticipation of the day that the name will be true. This Amy Chen is no good at singing or dancing, but often strives mightily to do both (sometimes at the same time). She thinks there should be a National Convention of Amy Chens. She would go.