Monday, July 11, 2005

Did you know...

Just in case you wanted to see some stats for yourself, have a read!

Farm Subsidies: Key Facts

Under the current federal farm-subsidy system, cotton and rice farmers can get up to hundreds of dollars per acre in production subsidies. These farmers would be unlikely to get as much money if the U.S. switched to a system that subsidized them for improving the environment instead.

-- The federal government expects to pay farmers just over $24 billion in 2005, a new record.

-- The subsidies are distributed through a variety of programs. Some payments kick in when crops fail, or when prices for key commodities, such as corn, fall below a target level. Others are based solely on how much a farm produced in the past.

-- Five crops -- corn, wheat, cotton, soybeans and rice -- account for two-thirds of all subsidies. Vegetable growers and ranchers get very little government money. The bulk of those five subsidized crops are exported as opposed to most of the produce.

-- Large commercial farms, which account for 9 percent of all farms, get more than half of all subsidies.

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