Thursday, November 03, 2005

This Amy Chen doesn't out-google you all

Have you ever googled someone near you and actually find them within the first 5 pages? Haha, I hope I'm not the only one. Anyway, so I was googling people I know, and I decided to google myself. =) I still can't believe I found a blog for Amy Chen's because I swear I've once had the urge to unite a whole bunch of Amy Chens together in a blog too. Maybe secretly all Amy Chens are some what alike. I guess that just shows how much your name influences you, or... is it the other way around where you determine what your name will be. Haha. There are so many Amy Chens that I found: Amy Chens with Ph.D's, Amy Chens practicing acupuncture, Amy Chens who are Neurosurgeons, and even an Amy Chen that is some genius clarinet player. I wonder if one day I'd be able to Out-google a neurosurgeon. I know this blog did!

So anyway, this Amy Chen is still in Taiwan. I was born in the OC, lived a while there, and in Vegas, then moved to Taiwan for the next 9 years, moved to New Jersey for a year, moved back to Taiwan and here I am. Hm. I think all this moving around from OC culture (Asianised American Culture) to Taiwan culture to Jersey (very American) culture-- I'm a mix. Probably not a very good mix because I've never figured out my religion, my true hometown, or where my loyalties lie: in Asian or American culture.

90-95: West Coast
95-2003: Taiwan
2003-2004: New Jersey
2004-2005: Taiwan

I'm curious to meet even more Amy Chens. And to think of the horror, I used to hate my name, its not so bad now.